The History of Embry Chapel AME Church

Bishop James Crawford Embry 1834 – 1897

Embry Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church is named in honor of James Crawford Embry, the twenty-fifth Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Bishop Embry was converted in 1855 in Galena, Illinois, and was licensed to preach in 1856. In 1864 he joined the Annual Conference. He was ordained as a Deacon in 1866 and was appointed Elder in 1870.

Bishop Embry has a vital impact on the progress of the AME Church. His contributions include constructing the AME Publishing House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; purchasing the Southern Christian Recorder for the AME Church; publishing the revised Allen AME Church Hymnal in 1892; writing books on theology and church administration, including The Digest of Christian Theology; Marriage and Divorce; and Our Father’s House. He served as a member of the First Ecumenical Conference on Methodism in 1881.
Embry Chapel AME Church History

Embry Chapel AME Church was organized in 1908 at 212 – 24th Street, Ogden, Utah. Elected Officers were Mr. J.R. Lammer, Leader; Mr. Edgar Dorsey, Secretary; and Mrs. James Thompson, Treasurer. The Sunday School was organized a few weeks later with Edgar Dorsey serving as Superintendent; Irvin Norris, Secretary; and J. H. Perry, Treasurer. During the same year the Rev. J.C. Owens, Presiding Elder of the Rocky Mountain District of the AME church came to Ogden and named the Mission the J.C. Embry Mission. He presided until the Year 1910.

Charter members of the Church in 1908 were Mr. J.R. Lammer, Mrs. Laura Lammer, Mrs. Ruth Perry Shaw, Mrs. Oscar Johnson, Mrs. Grace Green Midon, Mr. Edgar Dorsey, Mr. & Mrs. Loretta Fair, Mrs. Sam Smith, Mrs. Amanda Perry, Mrs. Will Augustine Bradshaw and Mr. George E. Earnist.

A lot was purchased at 1817 Pingree Avenue in 1909. Mr. George Eubanks of Dallas, Texas was assigned to be in charge by Presiding Elder Owens until 1910, when Rev. B. F. McCully was sent from the Colorado Conference of the AME Church to be the first Pastor of the Mission.

Embry AME Church is a connectional church within the connectional body of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. The church is under the jurisdiction of the Rocky Mountain District of the Desert Mountain Conference Of the Fifth Episcopal District.

The first Embry Chapel Church building went under construction in the year 1911, and the cornerstone was laid in the same year. The people participating in the laying of the cornerstone were Rev. B.F. McCully, Pastor; Rev. Fisher, Pastor of the First Methodist Church of Ogden; Mr. M. W. Glassmann, Mayor of Ogden City; and the Minister of the First Presbyterian Church. The church building was completed in 1912.

On October 5, 1912, Rev. J. H. Brown was appointed Pastor of the Church. The Church organization was completed under his administration. On July 25, 1913, the Church was re-dedicated by Bishop J. B. Parks of the Fifth Episcopal District of the AME Church. The officers were George Perry, Alice Nesbitt, J. H. Brown, Mary Eubanks, R. N. Shaw, G. S. Norris, and J. H. Eubanks. Dr. J. C. Caldwell was present for the occasion.

Some of the early pioneers at the early Church were Mr. & Mrs. Scott W. Stewart, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Silas Louden, Mr. & Mrs. Landrum, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Henry, Mr. & Mrs. Bradshaw, Mr. & Mrs. George O. Stewart, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Thomas, Mr. & Mrs. Chester Foote, Mr. & Mrs. M. Kinsey, Mr. & Mrs. Fantley Jones, and Mrs. Carrie Howard. The Trustees were Mr. Scott Stewart, Jr., Mr. Silas Louden, and Mr. Joe Henry. The Organists were Mrs. Emma Henry and Mrs. Betty Stewart.

There were many activities for the families of the early church members. Everything for their children centered around the Church. The small Church on Pingree Avenue sponsored the Piney Woods Singers from Piney Woods College in Mississippi (a small black college in Mississippi that sent students out each summer to raise funds for the school).

In September 1956, Rev. Melvin L. Shakespeare, known as the “Great Builder” was sent by Bishop Fredrick Jordan to make plans for a larger facility. There were many fund raising events spearheaded by the members of the Church to raise monies for the Church to be built on 30th Street in Ogden. Mrs. Gertrude Stewart spearheaded many church dinners in downtown Ogden to raise monies for the new church. The famous radio performers, “Wings over Jordan,” who had a regular national Sunday program gave performances at Embry Chapel. The famous national gospel musician and composer of some of the gospel songs used in Methodist and Baptist churches, Doris Akers of Los Angeles, California, and many other entertainers from all over the world presented several programs at Embry Chapel to support the fund raising activities.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new Embry Chapel Church at its present location, June 14, 1959. The Church was dedicated the latter part of 1959 by Bishop R. R. Wright.

In the Year of 1972, the officers and members, along with the Pastor Rev. Lawrence Embry, Presiding Elder Dr. E. Chappelle, Rev. M.L. Shakespeare, and Rev. L.K. Williams burned the mortgage of the church.

Currently Embry Chapel AMEC is under the leadership of Minister Daryell E. Jackson, Pastor; Rev. Jonathan Rhone, Presiding Elder, Rocky Mountain District; Episcopal Supervisor Alexia Butler Fugh, Fifth Episcopal District; and the Rt. Rev Clement W.Fugh, Presiding Prelate, Fifth Episcopal District.

It is our sincerest prayer that through divine leadership of the Holy Spirit as represented thought the spirit-led appointment of our Pastor, present and future, that, Embry Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, will endeavor to continue growing in strength through Christ our Savior, our Lord.

Some of Embry’s previous pastors include:

Rev. Brandee J. Mimitzraien

Rev. Charles T. Wright

Rev. Nurjhan B Govan

Rev. Andre Hanse

Rev. Lisa Davis

Rev. Earl Dean Farris

Rev. P. Albert Jr.

Rev. Coates

Rev. David Wright